Welcome 2020 with New Way of Topics Bryan Laoshi Welcome Talk

Venue: NTUC Auditorium
Date: 12th Jan 2020
Time: 930am to 12pm.
Fees: $45

To register, email name and mobile to: class@omhealth.com


Gu Zhen Lao Shi invited for opening.A tune to bring good luck

1) A music mantra to hand the missing elements and weak elements that affect our life. Sing together. A must learn
2) A hand gesture to perform and affirmations when face with fear and transition in life.
3) general Simple flying Star to watch out for (main one)
4) The flower fengshui (featured on TV by Bryan Lao Shi which Lan Xin Mei finds accurate)
5) Ren Yuan Kai Yun Gui Ren Gua Sha
6) 12 Astrology lucky color and numbers and oil for 2020
7) Special temple date to take note
8) How to 祈福 in temple when facing issues
9) The main challenges in 2020 we face and how we handle
10) Food to take for specified animals sign and your numerology for 2020

Joss Paper formations for 2020 to pray in temple