Deep Yellow Heng Ball


Color of sunshine, happiness, joy and creativity. Signifies light and happiness. Release held up negative energy and emits large amount of positive energy. It reminds you to let go Past and be in Now and stop worrying future. It creates miracles and inspires you to dream big, maintain positive state of mind and attracts everything you desire in your life. It helps you see things at a different yet better light. It will also let you spend your energy being aware of your surroundings and look out for subtle nuances coming from other people.
Deep Yellow: Digestive, abundance, thoughtful and networking.

” I am a powerful, radiant and magnificent being of light.”

Heng Ball

Color Properties
Clear Amplify good energy
Blue Healing, communication
Red Fame, auspicious, circulations, motivation
Light Yellow Heng, auric protect, prosperous
Deep Yellow Digestive, abundance, thoughtful, networking
Light Green Happiness, wisdom, clear misunderstanding, ensure well being and health, symbolise removal of illness
Antique Green Growth, compassion, help from ten directions, healing
Emerald Green blessings, healing, support, mentor luck
Pink Heal relationship, harmony, contentment, Divine love, self worth
Light Purple sooth emotional stress, sleep
Deep Purple Purifying, mental release, relieve tension
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