Pink Heng Ball


It exude a soft and gentle energy. Symbolize appreciation and gratitude, happiness, friendship, compassion and love.
Heals relationship, harmony, contentment, divine love and self-worth. It will infuse you with feelings of comfort, acceptance and tenderness. It helps to ease emotions, sooth your body and envelop you with nurturing energies. It is very calming to the mind, and they help you get rid of unwanted thoughts and mental stress. It encourages you to open your mind to the beauty that surrounds you.

“I prosper wherever I turn. I experience opportunities for abundance everywhere.”
” The more I love myself, the more I see love reflected in people around me.”
” Love heals, restore and balances and is here in my heart now.”

Heng Ball

Color Properties
Clear Amplify good energy
Blue Healing, communication
Red Fame, auspicious, circulations, motivation
Light Yellow Heng, auric protect, prosperous
Deep Yellow Digestive, abundance, thoughtful, networking
Light Green Happiness, wisdom, clear misunderstanding, ensure well being and health, symbolise removal of illness
Antique Green Growth, compassion, help from ten directions, healing
Emerald Green blessings, healing, support, mentor luck
Pink Heal relationship, harmony, contentment, Divine love, self worth
Light Purple sooth emotional stress, sleep
Deep Purple Purifying, mental release, relieve tension
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