Our Company

Our Company

Omhealth was founded in April 1998 to promote the awareness of natural healing methods such as Aromatherapy, Colour, Music, Herbs therapy, in urban Singapore.

Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Western Medicine Fields if we can have an open mind concept and respect each fields with love and light. Alot of sickness can be eliminated if not reduced to speed up recovery..

Bryan’s natural healing method is a wholistic modality, affecting the body, mind and emotions. The focus of Omhealth is to work with aromatherapy oil, breathing exercise and TCM acupressure for preventive maintenance. I do believe, however, that physical health is affected positively by mental , emotional and spiritual well being.

I hope that my workshops and events since 1998 assist you in achieving positive changes in your life and creating a sense of wellbeing. Omhealth natural therapy method is in no way to replace professional medical or psychological care.

Bryan Gan is recognised as a health and wellness guru in Singapore, introducing lively workshops and seminar. And a well-respected wellness Guru in many major wellness convention in Singapore and 6 year representing Health Beauty Guru in Lady First Show.

Bryan has created many Qi Gong and breathing exercise methods which were well received by many profession.

Bryan is a certified Aromatherapist, certified Psychology Affirmation, certified Reiki II, Qi Kong 8 movement and practitioner of colour, dance and music therapy.

Omhealth has a team of enthusiastic friends from nutritionists to doctors, each bringing their own individual talents, skills, and most importantly, heart and passion, into this system.

Han TCM teams of doctors has work together with Bryan past few years that brought alot of wellness and knowledge for preventive maintenance.

Omhealth has a strong passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle especially in our hectic society, and our main mission is to propagate the importance and benefits of natural healing methods in a simple way, having a compassionate heart for all people and to respect the Mother Earth.

To date, Bryan Lao Shi have conducted more than 18 years of successful workshops at various venues, including major corporations and statutory boards. The many positive feedback we gathered especially mentioned our active involvement of the audience and the interesting hands-on exercises, which are usually accompanied with plenty of fun and laughter.

Understanding You

Our mission is to improve the wellness for everyone who has faith with nature. Dedicated to this purpose, omhealth products has one simple promise— that is to provide a good quality workshop, teaching and skincare, essential oil packed by loving kindness and trust.

Understanding customer and believing natural products quality as part of omhealth quality objectives.
Since 1998 many understand this business is almost a one man shop. But with faith of mother nature and intention for the highest good of all. Omhealth manage to be recognised
a growing demand within society of simplicity and mindfulness.

Today, omhealth has touches many from all walks of life. Omhealth is also immensely proud of its informative blog and workshops . Bryan Lao Shi offers us more than a theoretical framework for approaching health; Omhealth gives us practical methods, proven over the years in Natural therapy. We outline a means towards healing not just the body, mind and spirit m but the heart as well.

Omhealth continues to work on new level products that will optimize your health and beautify your skin—and bring total wellness for years to come.



















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