Our Quality

Omhealth bryanwellness takes pride in the quality of the ingredients we supply, and has an ongoing commitment to maintaining and developing our customers’ trust through supply sourcing, securing and maintaining standards. Being an aromatherapist and ISO 9001 Auditor for 20 years every product on our list has undergone a rigorous selection criterion starting with the supplier, and followed by our batch to batch Quality Control processes. Beside ensuring suppliers with Safety Data for all products. We yearly perform Double Sampling test for essential Oil.

Methods of Extraction for essential Oil

Essential Oils
are aromatic oils extracted from plant materials such as flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and tree resins. They are extracted by two main methods; steam distillation and cold pressing. The Steam Distillation method is most common and this process isolates the volatile and water-insoluble parts of the plant. (Hydrosols are the water-soluble by-products of the distillation process.) Cold Pressing is the method used for extracting the oil from the rind of citrus fruits. Essential oils are usually liquid, but can be solid or semi-solid according to the base plant material and storage temperature.
are highly concentrated viscous, solid, or semi-solid aromatic liquids, obtained by solvent extraction. This method is used when the plant material, such as delicate flowers, herbs, leaves or roots, can be damaged by the high temperatures of steam distillation. The first stage of extraction produces a waxy, solid Concrete. The Concrete is then put through a second solvent extraction stage to obtain the Absolute. Absolutes have an intense odour quality and are most useful in perfuming and blending.
Oleoresins & Resinoids
are solvent extracted from dry natural resinous plant materials, such as gums or powders. They can be solid, semi-solid or viscous liquids. Oleoresins consist of a mixture of essential oils and resins. They are used mostly in the food industry, and also in perfumery as a fixative for prolonging the effects of the fragrance.
CO2 Extracts
are oils that are solvent extracted with gentle, non-toxic carbon dioxide. This low environmental impact process leaves no solvent residues, as any remaining CO2 simply evaporates during processing. This gentle extraction method is effective in isolating and retaining high levels of the bioactive constituents from the base material.