5 Element Oil 12ml


Physically tired and mind block, 5 Element oil activates heart meridian. This a good tonic for the nerves as it sharpens one’s senses and encourages concentration. An effective treatment for headaches and nerve disorders while having an uplifting effect on depression and fainting.

It is also very protective, provides a cleansing for the home and office when there are very negative energies confronting one.

This oil is the first blend from Omhealth. It is very strong and powerful used by many. It is a very powerful environmental cleansing and it was first invented during Sars period 15 years ago. The name was originally called immune booster germ buster and then to flora Power 7 and now to 5 Element oil.

A few drops in a pail of water to wash or mob floor provides super cleansing for the house.


Affirmation: Everything is in balanced. Abundance and opportunities are always here for me.