Beautiful Love Miracle Blend 12ml


Good for depression, insomnia, aloneness and unable to communicate well. Agitation and anger. Stomach bloated due to stress can be released using this oil and press acupoint PC6. It helps to warm the emotions.

This wonderful energetic and emotional blend helps you to face daily relationship issues. Facing the underlying issue that cause one feel not loved and release it. Helps to recreate happiness and not tie down to pass unhappiness or past issues. Also help your inner child to know that he or she is worthy of love.

A few drops of this blend use in final rinse of body or in tissue and put in pocket brings love to your surroundings.  When office is in harsh condition, put a few drops of this oil and wipe office table works well. A few drops in a damp cloth wipe the house furniture brings love to the to the family.

Ingredients: Mandarin, Lavendula, Vanila, Rose, Violet, Vetivier, Sage

Affirmation: Love is everywhere. It is a wonderful miracle day ever. I am happy.