Bergamot Oil 12ml


Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium Bergamia

The oil is derived from the fresh ripe peel of the bergamot orange after the juice has been extracted.

Bergamot essential oil blends well with other oils to enhance their aroma. It is a powerful antiseptic and may be diluted for treating skin or scalp conditions and for dressing wounds. It has a natural deodorizing effect, both as a breath freshener and as a personal deodorant.

An aromatherapy favorite, this oil has a balancing effect on body and mind. Soothing and cooling, bergamot helps to elevate a low mood, enhancing wellbeing.

The sweet aroma of bergamot acts as antidepressant by balancing mood and easing anxiety.

Bergamot has a cooling action that can help bring down fevers.

As a massage oil to promote feelings of relaxation and help ensure a restful sleep. Make a refreshing blend by mixing 2-3 drops with 5 drops of base oil and use to massage feet before bedtime.

Properties: Respiratory, uplifting, clarifying, antiseptic, digestive, refreshing.

Affirmation: I attract joy and happiness into my life, brimming with good flow of positivity. All is good.