Botanical Name: Cedrus Atlantica

Its uplifting aroma makes it a perfect pick-me-up, helping to release tension and lift feelings of lethargy.

Cedarwood dilute in base oil soothes itchy and irritated skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It has a warming effect and helps to break up excessive catarrh, soothes cough and bronchitis.

Use 3-4 drops in a vaporizer, cedarwood can help combat feelings of negativity, nervous tension, anxiety, depression and tiredness.

Add 6 drops to 15 drops of rice bran oil or any base oil for an uplifting and skin soothing massage.

A perfect blend when used with frankincense, bergamot and cypress.


Affirmation: I am relaxed and feel the great peace around me. My mind is calmed.