Bryan’s Relaxation Blend 12ml


It removes dampness in the body and activate the spleen meridians.

Use in the bath warm water can help to heal the inner core energy, trapped sadness and dampness. In a way it works on the outer aura and then inwards to the inner core and then to the stomach. If you are in tears, fatigues and no one understands you, this blend will bring relieve. Use this blend and press Zu San Li will remind you that you need to move on and problems can be resolved.

Remove damp energy and release stagnant energy, it uplifts mood, drives away disappointment and relaxes tension in the majority of people. Really good for feelings of anxiety, anger and stress.

Use Bryan Relax blend 8 drops to a pail of water and use face towel scrub body can clear many fatigue- feel good and amazing.

Affirmation: I feel the peace and sense of tranquility envelope me. I am clear and calm.