Eucalyptus Radiata 12ml (Have le)


There are more than 10 species, this is the safest and best.

Much lighter and gentler with similar healing benefits. The vulnerary properties help wounds heal.

Expectorant properties help to clear mucous from the respiratory system. Antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties which has shown benefits when being used in vaporizers or added to room humidifiers or directly inhaled for calming effects and to relief stress.

It has an expansive effect that can be both calming and invigorating at mental levels. It cools, cleanses to reduce negative emotions as well as soothes exhaustion. Increases vitality, and promotes a sense of well-being.

Botanical Name Eucalyptus Radiata
Leaves Steam Distilled
Note Top
Scent Camphoraceous, Crisp, Clean, Slightly Citrus and Fresh

Simple Usage: Scar and Itchiness

Best for scar and travel cold countries is good.

Eucalyptus Radiata x 2 drops

Lavendula Vera x 3 drops

Frankincense Healing x 2 drops

(Healing oil for cough and boost immune system)

Carrier Oil x 10 drops

Mix them all on your palm and apply whole body, provide moistures and smooth skin.

Simple Usage: Relieves Joint Pain

Eucalyptus Radiata x 2 drops

Awaken x 2 drops

Ginger x 1 drop

Carrier Oil x 2 drops

Oil can be used for compress, but dilution is needed. Inhalation or massage with dilution of carrier oil is good.

Blend them together on your palm and applied to pained joints. Follow by drinking a glass of warm water.

Simple Usage: Positive Emotional

Eucalyptus Radiata x 1 drop

Cypress x 1 drop

PAF x 1 drop

Drip on a mini soft toy/tissue each corners/cotton ball. Place beside your office table, it helps you think positively and keep your emotion in calm.

For flu cough and colds, Eucalyptus Radiata x 2 drops with Lavendula Vera x 1 drop in tissue to inhale.

Affirmation:  Inhaling, bringing greater clarity to me, exhaling, taking away confusion from me. I relax my mind.