Premium Grapefruit Pink 12ml


Very high antioxidant, reduce cellulite and reduce water retention. This family generally aids digestion too.

Antiviral property helps in alleviate colds and flu for the beginning of symptom. It has air antiseptic effect as well.

It properties like refreshing, euphoric, energizing and uplifting in turn can help to calm one down both emotionally and mentally. It brightens up the spirits, clear nervous exhaustion and stress. It aids in increasing self-esteem and bolstering confidence.

Botanical Name Citrus paradisi
Tree Expressed from peel of fruit
Note Top
Scent Sweet, Citrus, Sharp refreshing

Simple Usage: Facial Steaming (famous for Omhealth)

Grapefruit Pink x 1 drop

Lavendule Vera x 1 drop OR

Rose Geranium x 1 drop

  • Drop all these oil in a bowl of hot water. Let it evaporate to air about 5mins then slow close your face (keep 20cm distance between bowl and your face). Use common sense here, if too hot don’t keep your face closer. Steaming about 5mins. You also can drape a towel over your head and the bowl to keep the steam directed at you.
  • After facial steaming, wash your face with cold water.
  • Remember don’t throw away the water, you can add some water to water temperature and just nice for hand bath. It can relax your body, mind and emotion.

Simple Usage: Happiness Oil

Grapefruit Pink x 1 drop

Lavendula Vera x 1 drop

Blend on your palm and gently rub wrist and neck. People surrounding like you. A friendly use blend in public, many people can take it. Due to some oils might sensitive to others. So, be more concern on others.

Simple Usage: Stomach Massage

Grapefruit Pink x 2 drops

Bryan’s Relax Blend x 1 drop

Carrier Oil x 2 drops

Mix them all and gently massage your stomach. This will disperse your agitated and worries about this and that which made you fatigue.

Affirmation: Sounds of happiness, air of joy bring the best day ever. I am happy and thankful.