Wild Peppermint 12ml


The cooling and refreshing is mild than royal peppermint. It uplift emotions and also reduce fear. For those who easily get agitate, should use frequently to calm irritability. Good for migraines and respiratory problems as well. The best for cold and flu fighter when beginning of symptom.

It is good for alleviate sinus that many people in this era. It soothing and clear the blockage effectively.

Botanical Name Mentha Arvensis
Herb Distilled flowering herb
Note Top
Scent Sweet bitter minty

Simple Usage: Foot Bath

Peppermint Aven x 3 drops

Lavedula Vera x 3 drops

Rosemary Spanish x 5 drops

Mix well to a bowl of lukewarm water and soak the feet for at least 10mins. After that, use a towel to dry your feet and apply a drop of Healing Trees with 3 drops of Carrier Oil to feet and wear sock.

Simple Usage: Breathing

Wild Peppermint x 1 drop (a)

Ten Spice x 1 drop (b)

(a) Warm your palm and massage neck shoulder. Gently closed your eyes and relax.

(b)  Massage stomach clockwise for 3mins.

Simple Usage: Clearing Negativity

Wild Peppermint x 1 drop

Eucalyptus Radiata x 1 drop

Positive Affirmation Flow x 1 drop

Drip the above oils in tissue inhale helps to clear blockages and protect the lungs.


Affirmation: I start anew and open to wonderful challenges that I handle with ease.