Purification and Inspiration 12ml


Purifies the atmosphere and supports the mind. If need to meet a lot of people and drained, quickly dab and inhale it. It helps alleviates stiffness, pain and swellings.

Add to washing machine can clean cloths and purify.

Cleans unwanted energy that store in the body and prevent the flow of vitality. It is helpful when the cause of fatigue is due to emotional blocks caused by negative energy. Helps to purify the body and immune system, raising a person energy level. Is a great oil to put in your bag.

When you need to visit hospital or is a viral season, dap a drop on wrist will cleanse the low- level energy and gives protection.A drop on tissue and stick to the fan to blow the house for 5 days if you feel the house energy is not right.

Ingredients: Organic Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemongrass, Cardomom, Peppermint, Mandarin, Bryan’s Blend


Affirmation: Inspiring thoughts flows to me easily. Ideas are plentiful.