Rosemary Spanish 12ml


Essential oil of rosemary is distilled from the flowering tops and leaves of the plant.

Rosemary oil has been used in many preparations to ease the process of ageing. It is recommended for hair care and as a scalp massage to prevent premature baldness. With its powerful aroma, rosemary oil is an effective inhalant, decongestant, and a strengthening massage rub for muscles. This is the most stimulating of oils, enhancing memory, concentration and clear thinking.

Properties: Invigorating, digestive, nervine, respiratory, circulatory, uplifting, stimulating, refreshing, clarifying

Name means seadew – Greeks and Romans considered it to be a sacred plant bringing peace and comfort. It stimulates circulation for smooth muscle relaxant.

Do not use if epilepsy is suspected.

Stimulating and invigorating effect that works well at both mental (anti-depressant), balances intense emotions and control mood swings. Physical, to stimulate healthy hair growth, improve hair texture, the anti-fungal property as an herb to treat dandruff too.

Aids in concentration, alertness and promotes relaxation that helps to improve memory. For scanty periods and amenorrhoea, Rosemary Spanish has the property of emmenagogue to improve the condition.

The antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help in dissolves swelling and whooping cough.

It helps for constipation, flatulence and diarrhoea as well.

Botanical Name Rosmarinus officinalis
Herb Distilled flowering stalks
Note Middle
Scent Refreshing, strong herbal

Simple Usage: Comb/Final Rinse hair

Rosemary Spanish x 1 drop

Lavendula Vera x 1 drop

Rose Geranium x 1 drop

Mix and rub your wooden brush comb and comb your hair from front to back and both sides of head 30 times each. Then follow by using the handgrip to do Z massage your head and repeated the same steps.

Alternatively, after shower, you put a drop of Rosemary Spanish on your palm and then warm palm use fingers comb thru hair. You can feel the effect of brain tonic.

Simple Usage: Student Study Oils (famous for parents to tackle their beloved childrens)

Rosemary Spanish x 1 dropx

Lavendula Vera x 1 drop

Lemon Oil Sweet x 1 drop

Eucalyptus Radiata x 1 drop

Wild Peppermint x 1 drop

Drip one drop each on each corners of tissue. Keep in their pencil case (fabric type is the best) helps to calm students and achieve good result. It promotes concentration and trigger them to recall what they have studied.

Simple Usage: Foot Bath

Rosemary Spanish x 4 drops

Lavendula vera x 4 drops

Lemon x 3 drops

Lukewarm water footbath 15minutes, it releases general fatigue. After that use the water to wash toilet.

Affirmation: I stay focus easily and all distractions are kept at bay. Things can be resolved.