Spearmint 12ml


Spearmint is slightly gentler than peppermint oil, if you found that peppermint oil too strong for you. You can choose spearmint instead. It promotes concentration, clear your cluster mind and controlling yourself. Relief for migraines and headaches, bring relaxation to your nervous system.

For bronchitis, relieve coughs, colic, hiccoughs. fever, flu or sinusitis, it simply helps in expectorant and mucolytic that may cause uneasy.

A digestive tonic and is recommended for dyspepsia, flatulence and vomit. Reduce occasional stomach upset, support healthy respiratory function. It clears the mind and uplifts mood. It also assists to boost confidence.

Botanical Name Mentha spicata
Herb Distilled flowering tops
Note Top
Scent Spicy warm minty


Simple Usage: Massage Stomach

Spearmint x 12 drops
Lavendula Vera x 9 drops
Bryan’s Relax Blend x 5 drops
Carrier Oil x 30ml

Massage the whole of the abdomen to ease the discomfort. Use gentle circular stokes. Massage clockwise for 30 times. It can release your tense up muscle.

Simple Usage: Inhalation

Spearmint x 1 drops
Rosemary x 1 drops
Eucalyptus x 2 drops

Drip each oil at a corner of tissue and perform simple inhalation to smooth breath.

Simple Usage: Gargle

Spearmint x 1-2 drops

To a cup of plain water, gargle as and when. For ulcer, it helps for recovering process too.


Affirmation:  Inhaling, I am relaxed and energised, exhaling, I release tiredness. I am refreshed  and grateful.