Ten Spice Oil 12ml


Consist of 10 different spices from the East and West. It has sweet orange in it that envelops all these ten spices and diffuse out these ten spices at different minutes depending on your body system. It goes to the organ of the body that is weak in Qi, like the liver, kidney, heart, spleen and the lungs.

Effective against airborne diseases, virus and fungi.

A wonderful oil for flu prevention and cleaning the house or fridge. This was launch in 2014 and is a blend for boosting immune system. Good for respiratory problem like sore throat, flu and cough.

Put 5-10 drops on a cotton ball put in wardrobe or cupboard to get rid of bacteria and has a very pleasant smell. Put !0 drops of spice oil in a small bottle filled with water, shake well and spray around the house or office table especially during flu epidermic.

Can put 8-10 drops in aroma diffuser works well to purify the environment. Or a few drops in tissue and fold it and inhale throughout the day, if poor immune system put few drops on wet tissue and rub bottom of foot.  Also a few drops in a cup of water to gargle your mouth if having mouth ulcer.

Ingredients: Sweet Orange, Clove, Fennel, Cinnamon Bark, Black Pepper, Sage, Cardamom, Galbanum, Nutmeg, Oregano, Thyme


Affirmation: I am cleared of the clutters of the mind and overcoming all challenges that comes my way. It is a vibrant day.