Sandalwood Powder 50g


As an anti-ageing treatment: Sandalwood contains powerful antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to improve blood circulation to your face, remove toxins and fight the formation of wrinkle-causing free radicals. A sandalwood face pack also helps undo damage caused by the sun, and works as an excellent anti-ageing treatment.

Sandalwood as a soporific: Since anxiety and insomnia are often related, the soothing sandalwood not only helps to reduce anxiety and stress, but also promotes better sleep and tackle insomnia.

Mainly I use for body scrub and also face as mask.

Face Mask:

Homemade Sandalwood facial clay mask:
Mix one teaspoons of sandalwood powder and some lavender organic water to obtain a smooth paste. Apply to your face, avoiding the eye and lip area. Let the mask dry about 15-20 minutes.
Rinse with warm water, using fingertips to gently loosen the mask. Do not scrub skin while removing – especially if you have acne – as it will aggravate troubled spots.
Once the mask is removed, splash face with cold water to tighten pores. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and refreshed

Body Whitening scrub A:

take a teaspoon and scrub on your damped body. Rinse off and feel the effect.

Body Whitening and Nourishing Scrub B:

Take a teaspoon of sandalwood and a teaspoon of rice oil on palm and massage whole body especially legs. Remove dead skin, nourish the mind and energy and heal skin. Rinse off.


Sandalwood Flora Water Mask

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