Healing Blue


Aquamarine, blue sheen moonstone and kyanite gem a very powerful bracelet.


It has the ability to self-cleanse as well cleansing other crystals. It neither builds up or retain negativity and hence does not require cleansing. It promotes communication and self-expression. It is balancing and helps to dispel blockages. It assists one to overcome obstacles and protects one from negativity.


It is soothing, helps to clear the mind and relieve stress. It eases a troubled heart, promotes inner peace and harmony. It helps to reduce tension, assists one to release the flow of communication and for better relationships, love and compassion.

Blue Sheen moonstone

It is a protective stone that helps to provide comfort and guidance to one in challenging times, like a light in darkness. It is calming, healing, gentle and peaceful. It assists to bring one back to wellness and helps one to regain inner balance. It also enhances one’s determination and focus. It is good for emotional balance.