New Version Gui Ren Bag


Gui ren bag activate this concept intention energy of success and also talks about qualities.  Gui ren bag talks about peace of mind and happiness.

It contains 3 coins and 4 stones:

3 Different coins energy

1) Qi Lin Energy: Filial, compassion: Keeping this symbol at homes or workplace is known to bring strong protective energies and blesses the owner with good luck, longevity and prosperity

 2) 12 animal sign coin: To symbolise there should not be enemy energy all are same, the wise one able to convert enemy to friends. And all will come to be friend with you with good intention.

3) Auspicious sign coin: All auspicious will be ripened and even there are unhappiness (which all will face) can be resolve as soon as possible.

4 Stone (is special source ): 4 pieces of stone energy

Dissolves negativity and keeps you from absorbing other people’s negativity. Haematite is a powerful stone that may help with shyness, self-esteem, and survival, as well as increasing willpower and dependability and instilling confidence.  Stone that soothes the mind and brings profound inner serenity. Hematite increases self-esteem and confidence.

The four stones works on relationship releases excellent energy and clears away excess thoughts, it will bring attention, good memory, and tranquillity, and having that sort of energy released inside of you will give you a good positive aura that will protect your relationships with others.

When you  releasing energy, the atmosphere gives you a wonderful feeling and will bring you more.

The four stone provides a strong earth connection. Life is never ending series of lessons. SO we become more loving, peaceful and true self.

The energy forgive everyone no matter what and activate understanding energy and less judgement and we have compassion in ourselves and others.