Calm Peace Acceptance Love Healing Mist (110 ml)


To mist the bedroom and face.

  • Help one relax and “let go,” aids in calming our physical-emotional system, so that it can surrender to the sleeping process.
  • Release of upset, over thinking and worries energy and irrelevant thoughts that come and go without reason all the time. Also release over reactive energy of the mind.
  • Feeling insecure, totally helpless, unsupported, unprotected, and without anything or anyone to rely on this mist bring in the energy that u are protected and worthy of love and self love.
Also Promotes:
Allow one to have ME time and space
Calmness from within
Love, Peace and lucky energy
Indicated for:
Always over committed
No time for self



Activated Blue Roman Chamomile, orange flower, cypress flora water, pink and white crystal essence, hybrid wild flowers remedies; chestnut, crabapple.