Well-Being Healing and Tranquil Spray 100ml


Well-Being Healing and Tranquil Spray is a blend of flowers and herbs to calm a person down. It evokes peace, promotes emotional balance, restore happiness from within and helps to release and break away from sadness.

Direction of Use: Tranquility spray with eye close spray above head and let the mist envelop


When flora water is kept for sometimes because of Singapore weather there may be sedimentation and crystallisation in the floral water, organic products in particular are prone to cloudiness and sedimentation.

As the specs are floating in the product the specs will not be mould as mould needs
to be anchored to something. The specs are most likely a combination of sediment from the floral water – which is common in natural products and some particles from the drum. This should not affect the quality of the product in anyway, one can try
filtering out the particles and it should be good to use.