Witch Hazel Facial Toner 100ml


Please do not spray on face as mist is a toner spray on palm or cotton.

Omhealth skincare I freshly fedex so when u receive please finish within 2-3 months as no preservatives; please take note and do allergy test.

It is packed with natural witch hazel, vitamin B5 and ginger.

It helps to balance the sebum level of skin result in smooth dewy skin. The antiseptic properties of witch hazel helps to sooth and calm allergy skin. Ginger is included to enhance the skin circulation. It combines with Witch Hazel to tighten pores and boost skin microcirculations.

Direction of Use:

1. Spray on face or body or neck (eyes closed). Can use it in the following situations:

  •  When your skin in office feels tired
  • Prior to applying make up to tone your skin
  • To refresh in between on a hot summer day
  • To moisturise your skin after make-up removal or after squeeze black heads
  • After gym and cardio workout