Omhealth Latest Snow Lotus Cream ( ( snow cream only ready on June 1st , u can order will send later seperately)


Omhealth Latest Snow  Lotus Cream  ($60)

High in antioxidant and antiinflammation properties and can reduce UV induce redness. Good to include in skincare routine for a smooth and radiant skin. Specially formulated for your needs.

Snow Lotus Seed

Delay signs of aging.

With FU Lin extract it is multi targeted for matured  skin repair.

First it helps

  1. to improve skin firmness
  2. strengthen skin barrier by increasing the skin thickness by 8 percent
  3. Enhance skin radiance and support microcirculation


Black Tea:

  1. Hydrates and soothing
  2. Improve skin tone and texture
  3. Long term moisturising and firming brightening effect
  4. Heal skin from UV damages


Snow Algae

  1. Revitalise skin cell for youthful look
  2. Advanced age defying active helps to maintain healthy skin
  3. Prevent collagen breakdown

Scientific facts

Sirtuins and AMPK activation actives (Antiaging protein)

Stimulates the longetvity gene (klotho) in aged skin up to  47 percent and promotte antiaging benefits. It also increase  cell lifespan and prevent harmful collagen destructing enzymes in aging skin cells.