3 Oils Method

Kua Sa Methods and Benefits

Kua Sa is beneficial for everybody to remove metabolic waste from the body.

It also improves blood circulation and improves health by activating the body meridians.
Kua Sa need not use too much force, it has to be adjusted to individual comfort and can do it everyday. Best to apply some lotion or oil before doing.
Most important is to start by Kua Sa the neck area.
The head has many meridians that can benefit from kua sa. It can remove wind and helps in sleep. Kua with “C” motion, doing the sides followed by the back in upward strokes.
For elderly is good to do kua sa every day and doing on every part of the body is good.

Blog Posted on December 17, 2010 : Learn the art of kwa sa from Bryan 

Thanks to Mdm Lee for shared out this photo. She shared her experience on how she applied kwa sa for her son who works in the IT industry. Mdm Lee’s son suffers from bodyache and tiredness for 2 months even after consulting doctors. Finally, she decided to apply what she learnt in “East Meets West” last year. Hmmm…Amazing.. Many students learnt but only do it in times of emergency.

Remember, applying simple kwa sa with 3 oil and cream once a week is very good on neck shoulder, prevent sore throat cough and headaches. Its so easy that you can do it for yourself. I always carry one kwa sa plate in my bag. If I feel so tired on that day, I will quickly go to the washroom and kwa 20 times. It feels great after that.

Mdm Lee’s Son problems
a) bloated stomach and poor appetite
b) Whole neck and shoulder sore and feels tight
c) Chest tight and head feels floating
d) No mood whole day.

Mdm Lee’s son case study
1) A lot of damp energy trapped in body which caused fatigue (late night and stress).
2) Lungs meridian blocked by the stagnant Qi which caused tightness in chest area and moodiness.
3) Neck shoulder and lymp node blocked may cause less of blood supply to the head, thus resulting in “lightness of head”
4) Stomach meridians a lot of ” Yu blood” stored and lower back(all my students will know this) which slow down digestive.

Mdm lee told her son to go for a power bath using Bryan’s Relaxation blend oil and do a warm towel scrub. Thereafter, followed by the 3 oil method using more cream applied to his whole back. (Size of a fifty cent coin body lotion with 2 drops of Lavendula vera, 2 drops of Peppermint and 2 drops of Majoram). Apply to his whole back (can squeeze more lotion). After application, use the kwa sa plate to kwa neck, shoulders and whole back downwards 50 times. Remember to keep 1 inch away from spine.

Results: Great++++

Items use: Lavendula vera, Peppermint , Majoram and Bryan’s Relaxation blend, kwa sa plate and your body lotion.

Blog Posted on August 29, 2010 : 3 Oil method for neck & shoulders 

3 Oil method illustrated in this video… This method is my baby creation.

After doing 3 oil method, do some stretching. One of the oil is Lavendula Vera, which is not any normal Lavender oil. It has high medicinal value and its very fresh. Hundreds of feedback on this my 3 oil method. Testimonial from doctors and Qi Gong Master on the energy of my oil.

[Same advice. If you encounter any pauses in between the video, allow it to play one time. Do your things, then come back listen again. It will be smooth flow]

Now you can also share your good experience of the 3 oil method here, by leaving your feedback in the comment column. Thank you.

3 oil method invented by Bryan since 2001 and managed to share its benefits and usage in several companies including Prime minister office, Istana, seagate, HDB, IDA, MFA, MOM, MOE, NTU, Schools, Sc. Electric, PA, CID, CAAS, SIA, CPF, Banks, MAS, CSC….many many….

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