Back, Neck and Shoulder Ache

Blog Posted on September 16, 2009 : Bryan’s Anti BodyAche Techniques works!   

Testimonial A:
Lao Shi, my mum got very bad backache and just admitted to hospital early this month for traction. I started using 3 oils method for her last two days and also kwa sha at the neck and shoulders. I apply the lotion on her back, knee caps, legs and hips. This morning my mum told me its very good. She don’t feel painful although she has not taken her painkillers. Surprisingly,her face colour also look better. Thumbs up lao shi. 😀 Cheers” —-J dated 15 Sep 2009.

This is contributed by a student from my kwa sa East Meet West Class. Thank you GOD. My dream is to help more people. I really hope everyone who have attended my class will share what you have learnt, such as acupressure points Zu San Li and Yong Quan Xue etc with people around you.

Remember A:: You don’t deserve to have painful body all the time. You deserved to be strong and healthy. People who have scolosis, bone degeneration like what I used to suffer from…Hey, this is not the end of the world. All you need is positivity, effort and determination to lead a happy life. HAVE HOPE and DO POSITIVE THINKING. It will activate your body cells to heal.

Bryan’s Anti Body Ache Method: Neck Shoulder Tension
(2 days towards healthier body)

Day 1 :
1 drop of EMF Lavendula vera, 1 drop Peppermint Avernises, 1 drop EMF Majoram onto any body lotion cream that is the size of a 20 cent coin. Mix and apply onto your neck and shoulder. Do a simple massage. Followed by kwa sa 35 times downwards your neck and shoulder (Optional).

For chronic tightness at the upper back, firmly roll up a bath towel so that it is 4-5 inches thick. Lie on a piece of towel so that its length runs across the hunched section of your back. Do for 15mins. It is very thereupectic. The blood will flow to heal the joint and 3 oil will fight inflammation and detox.

Day 2 :
2 drops of Ginger oil and 2 drops of Lavendula vera oil into warm water to do a footbath for 15mins. Followed by pressing YONG QUAN POINT for 2 mins. This helps to remove Damp energy. You can refer to older post (here) for this point. Very powerful for fatigue too.

Check with your parents whether do they always have body ache. Care for them. Don’t just focus on your own life, friends or enjoyment. Think for your parents too. When was the last time you sit down, spend time chatting with your parents, showing concern about their health…their daily lives….things that they did for the day…etc….

WE must care for people around us, treasure them. No matter how good your friends or lovers are, they cannot be compared to our parents. Simply because they love us without any conditions and expectations.

Blog Posted on March 7, 2008 : 3 oils method for bodyache   

Hi folks. I will be introducing a new age therapy for good health using different types of combs on papers soon. Will update you guys here 🙂

I guess neckache, bodyache & tension on the upper body is very common in this modern society. Very often, I will recieve emails asking me remedies for this common illness. Actually, I have mentioned the remedies before in my workshops and in my blog. So here’s a recap.
1.Squeeze body lotion (size of 20 cent coin) onto palm. Add 1 drop of Lavendula Vera, Petitgrain and Peppermint on the lotion and mix well.
2. Massage the mixture on upper back. This is a strong & direct method and not to be applied everyday.

If you want something that can be used daily, you can make your own pre-blend.

1. Add 5 drops of each oil into 100ml body lotion. The oil must be fresh. I am very particular when it comes to freshness and quality. To ensure freshness & good quality, I only order the oil when they are needed. That is the reason why it takes some time for you to receive your order.

2. After massage, use a massage stick and press the above points. These few points will help to release giddiness, blur vision & headaches.

3 oils 12ml each: Lavendula Vera, Peppermint Avenisis, Petitgrain full set.

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