Blog Posted on May 23, 2008 : Aroma – Music – Emotion   

During my course of studies, one of my teacher in Australia combines music with aromatherapy. Her name is Judie. She will let us listen to different types of music and discover the aroma in that tune.

Aromas can effect mood and evoke memories besides for body. If the smell of baking cookies, or a lover’s favorite perfume have ever transported you back in time, calling up long-forgotten events and feelings, then you have experienced the powerful association between aromas, emotions, and memories.

These are some of my findings in a case study and till now, I am still doing that because it helps a lot for those who have experienced stress from loneliness, anger and relationship problems.

Many ancient cultures, including those of India, China, and Persia have left records that document their use of fragrance for its effect on mental states and feelings. Rose were prized for enhancing sexual desire and the essential oils of Vetiver, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Ginger, and Clary Sage have all been used for this purpose.

Many ancient peoples, such as the Romans, became very skilled at utilizing certain fragrant plants for evoking specific mental states and aromatherapy lore reports highly selective effects for specific essential oils. For example, Frankincense have been said to aid in dispelling grief, while Ylang Ylang and Juniper are claimed to aid in coping with guilt.

Bryan Emotion’s Remedies Suggestions.
1. Loneliness — Rosemary + Lemon
2. Anger from work — Mandarin + Peppermint
3. Jealous of others — Lavendula vera + Eucalyptus (open one’s heart)
4. Too harsh on one’s self — Rose geranium +Grapefruit Pink
5. Attachment and cannot forget Ex. — Lavendula vera + Lemon
6. Hatred — Lavendula vera + Rose geranium + Grapefruit Pink
7. Worries — Grapefruit Pink + Frankincense
8. Exam Fear — Rosemary + Rose geranium + Lemon
9. Not Enough — Peppermint + Bergamot
10. Agitated — Grapefruit Pink + Patchouli

One drop each of the selected oil in a pail of water and final rinse your body with this pail of aroma water after shower. Alternatively, 1 drop each of the selected oil onto tissue and carry with you whole day. OR 1 drop each in warm water and perform hand bath.

Blog Posted on October 17, 2007 : Immune Boosting, Depression and Neckache Breathing Exercise   

Hi all, I will be on radio FM 97.2 today again, sharing with you new soup recipe and vitamins. I will also introduce a breathing exercise that will help to release neckache, depression and mental fatigue. Combine this breathing exercise with aromatherapy gel will help to boost up our immune system.

Combination of breathing exercise & aroma gel recipe:
1. 30ml Aloe Vera gel
2. Two drops of fresh Lemon oil (should smell sweet not too sour)
3. Three drops of Lavendula Vera oil
4. One drop of Peppermint oil

Mix well and apply some at your neck, shoulder and chest when doing this breathing exercise. Need not apply this aroma gel everyday, but you can do the breathing exercise everyday.

Apply a bit of the mixture to neck and shoulder;
1. Sit in a relax manner.
2. Breathe and form a “V” shape as shown on the picture.
3. Breathe out and form a “W” shape.
4. Do this slowly for 7 times.

This aroma gel really comes in handy for me and I always have one bottle in my bag. When things get too hectic and stressful, I simply apply some of it on the back of my neck.

I hope you can give a try to this breathing exercise and you will feel great after it. This breathing exercise also help to fight depression and bodyache too.

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