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Blog Posted on June 3, 2011 : Cough, Dry Throat, Lost of voice.— LOBANG 

This powerful combination of raw honey with watercress and eucalyptus makes an excellent alternative remedy for cough, sore throat, and lost of voice, a natural expectorant therefore works well in loosening and expelling phlegm from throat. This is not medicine but raw honey. Shaw house nishino pharmacy, B1..heard have 20%

Watercress is an excellent source of the antioxidants vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin K, an essential micronutrient for bone health. It is also a rich natural source of lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoid

I drink this before seminar or after eating crackers(oopppsss) because I am proned to sore throat. I got it from Honey World at Wisma Atria Basement ONE beside Famous Amos.

How to Drink this WaterCress Eucalyptus Honey?
Taste so so but its more for healing the throat. For kids who 2 years old and above can take.

Adult: one tablespoon, take neat
– Children between 2- 4 years old : start off with one teaspoon neat
– Thereafter, followed by warm water.
– Take 4 times per day
*shake well before consume

Chronic Cough, Sinus:
Students from “Health and Beauty with Bryan” Part 1, remember to use Lavendula vera and Eucalyptus radiata on tissue. Inhale every morning and use the hair dryer method.

Bryan has successfully receive testimonials from a Primary school teacher and a Piano Teacher who taught at YAMAHA on their recovery from sinus problems, which have bothered them for 10 years….

Acupressure point for cough, sore throat and lost of voice:
Apply one drop of Lavendula vera and Eucalyptus onto a wooden massage stick or wooden chopstick. Let the wood absorb the oil. Use this stick to press acupressure point A as shown above for 2mins. Press 6 seconds and release.. press 6 seconds and release…………

NB: Actually thought of checking emails and packing orders this morning but so many people sms me for cough remedies. I spent quite some time to prepare this post for you. Can’t finished packing all orders and some will be delayed.

Blog Posted on December 3, 2007 : i weekly — Sore throat   

Hi folks. I would like to make some clarification for my article in this week i-weekly. This week’s article indicates using 5-10 drops of Lavendular Vera with water to gargle for sore throat. Do take note that the amount of water was not specified in the article. Actually, 1 drop of Lavendular Vera to 1.5 cup of water is good enough. But again, I suggest to perform this method in the presence of a therapist. This is a knowledge sharing guideline). Pregnant women don’t do ok.

Oh by the way, my work will be featured in Wan Bao this Friday.

Touch therapy for cough and sore throat.
1) Add Lavendula Vera Oil (2 drops) with Lemon Oil (2 drops), to a small basin of warm water. (Do not use boiling water) .

2) Immerse both hands into the warm water for around 5 to 10 minutes. At the same time, enjoy the fragrance of the essential oils as you allow your hands to absorb their healing properties.

3) Dry your hands on a towel. While your palms are still warm, wrap them around your neck (as shown in the illustration) for around 5 minutes. Do this while lying down on the bed.

The wind is very dry for the past few days. Many may get sore throat and common cold easily. Drink honey water with a small squeeze of lemon juice to prevent sore throat. The best sweet to prevent sore throat is Ricola original herbal sweet. Don’t buy the sugar free one.

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