Our Founder

Bryan Gan is passionate about wellness, health, fitness and has inspired many people to live their best. With over 20 years experience in the healthy lifestyle industry, he has become recognised by Singapore media health shows, radio and is also a frequent guest speaker for many health shows. He is also a trusted expert and adviser in Singapore and across the country in recent wellness TV show Taiwan 女人我最大 (speaker for 5 consecutive seasons)and Starhub with Hong Kong TVBS 星记健康.

Bryan is one of the Singapore’s foremost leading speakers in the field of Aroma, Color, Music, Acupressure, Integrated Healing, Body and Mind and Affirmation Crystal medicine and healthcare. He is a master Natural Therapist with over 22 years experience and is an expert in the Natural Preventive Maintenance system. Bryan is a renowned writer for Iweekly, Health, beauty and Fengshui and is the founding director-founder of Omhealth, and a consultant for schools on natural therapy. He has developed and tested numerous skin/healthcare products. His 22 years career span includes cosmetology, makeup, healthcare, TCM and Natural therapy, crystal colour therapy and music therapy, dance therapy, yoga and qigong.


Upon graduating from Queensland University in 1997 with Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, Bryan began his clinical studies and practice in herbology. His interest took him to Taiwan, where he began a series of learning with several masters on ancient healing and Feng Shui art.


Bryan has introduced unique ways of relaxing the body system through his special techniques that are not taught in other schools. These techniques, such as aroma butterfly dance, has gained popularity. He was featured on Channel U, Suria, NewsRadio 938 and Sunday Times.

Public Responsibilities

Community Work – symbolizes a whole life, a kindness, a compassion. It is also about giving back – giving back to a community that has welcomed us. Community work can be meaningful and often touches the lives of others directly or indirectly.

Other than workshops and seminars, Omhealth also organises activity such as volunteer work and social services at St Joseph Home and United Medicare Centre. Bryan and volunteers offering aromatherapy, acupressure, and hand reflexology to the residents as well as listening to them and providing a pair of healing hands to help them to knead away their loneliness, make them feel happy and ♥ loved ♥! The use of aromatherapy to bring wellness to them.

Accumulating concepts and ideas will make you or me an intelligent person, but to be a great person we must utilize that intelligence to have a beneficial impact on our society. Community work can rebuild a life, a body, even a heart. It is also a constant reminder on the importance of one’s well being. So, if you are ready let us reach out and touch someone’s Life together!

We have are also member for Build Your Future in Cambodia and manage to constantly donate food and educations medicine to the people who in need of help. Up to date we manage also to build 3 Well for good water supply to 3 villages.