Lavendula Vera 12ml


Lavere means “to wash”. Lavender was used extensively by the Romans in their baths. Lavender oils exhibit antifungal properties.

A must item for first aid kit, as and when have mini cut, use it as antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and cell regenerator. Stop bleeding/infection, minor/mini cut/calming. A drop on its own bring sudden calmness, the scent of this species is one of the most powerful lavendula vera, sweetness. When u squeeze pimples, apply with cotton will prevent scar.

Whenever you feeling anxiety, headaches, insomnia or migraines, its analgesic, antispasmodic, balancing, calming and cheering properties can calm and soothing the busy minded in day that might cause you migraines in the night or affected sleep quality.

It’s bring you to another level state of mind that slow down your short breathing that caused you couldn’t calm down. It is balancing and helps with mood swings and depression. For those who easily gets nervous have to use for fighting anxiety. Good for respiratory system too. Helps for nervous system regulator, it’s stimulates menstrual cycle for ladies as well.

Botanical Name Lavandula Angustifolia
Shrub Distilled flower stalks
Note Middle
Scent Flora

Simple Usage: 3 oils method is wonderful

Lavendula Vera x 1 drop
Peppermint Aven x 1 drop
Sweet Marjoram x 1 drop
Carrier Oil x 5 drops

Mix well on palm and rub neck and shoulder and joint. The feeling is amazing and surprised you with the significant effect that soothing. Can combined with gentle Kwa Sha.

Simple Usage: Detox Blend

Lavendula Vera x 5 drops

Grapefruit Pink x 5 drops

Wild Peppermint x 2 drop

Carrier Oil x 15ml

Massage body or neck helps detox and brings you relaxation and feeling happy. You also can use it to wipe your office table, it’s emit a harmony and happiness to people surrounding.

Simple Usage: Massage for Bloated Stomach

Lavendula Vera x 1 drop

Wild Peppermint x 1 drop

Carrier Oil x 3 drops

Mix well on palm and massage stomach clockwise for 30times then follow by a glass of warm water.

Affirmation: Soothing, calming  air of peace envelop me. I am well.